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When undesirable soil conditions threaten to slow down your project timeline or increase your material costs, Dunn Company can help. Our commitment to state-of-the-art technology and specialized equipment can lower your material costs and reduce overall construction time.


Soil Stabilization/Chemical Stabilization

Soil stabilization and chemical stabilization are ideal solutions for modifying sub-grade conditions, such as oversaturated, clay, or unstable soils. This base modification builds a stronger, more durable foundation capable of handling increased traffic loads. Over time, it can save money, decrease environmental impact, and enhance overall performance. Dunn Company specializes in several types of soil modification and base stabilzation. By adding stabilizing agents like lime, cement, or fly ash to the existing sub-grade material, finished surfaces will be less susceptible to longitudinal and transverse cracking, rutting, distortions, and raveling. 


Our pavement and base solution experts can assist you in selecting the best and most cost-effective soil stabilization materials for your next project.


For more information on how Dunn Company can help you complete your project affordably and on time, call 217-429-4444.


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Based in Decatur, Illinois, Dunn Company provides pavement and base solutions across Central Illinois and throughout the greater Midwest region.
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