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dunn ei logoFor years, Dunn Company has been recycling pavement, conserving resources, and reducing construction waste. For us, putting something of value to good use just makes sense. It helps us reduce our construction time, saves our customers money, and helps to lessen the overall environmental impact. It is a "win-win" situation in every way.


We also encourage environmental and resource preservation through our pavement maintenance services. By extending the life of existing surfaces, our customers maximize their investments, defer replacement costs, and help reduce construction waste.


Dunn Company is dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment and leaving our worksites better than we found them. Whether it’s the work we do in our lab creating formulas that meet or exceed federal standards; our teams who are reducing construction time and saving greenhouse gas emissions through recycling; or our simple efforts to use digital media to save a few trees— we realize that all our actions must have positive results.


As leaders in full depth recycling, cold in-place recycling, stabilization, and pavement preservation, we make the best use of existing materials to maximize site improvements while significantly decreasing cost and environmental impact. Because of our commitment to environmental sustainability, Dunn Company:


  1. Promotes services which encourage recycling existing materials
    Full Depth Reclamation

  2. Educates customers about the benefits of recycling materials
    Save Money = Subsurface is used again / no disposal costs
    Save Time = Less trips to job site / less fuel and man hours used

  3. Promotes services which encourage preservation
    Pavement Maintenance

  4. Educates customers about the benefits of preservation
    Extend the life of surfaces = defer replacement costs = reduce waste

  5. Surpasses governmental specifications for mix and materials
    Dunn Company’s state-of-the-art lab and tech department ensures the quality of our products.

  6. Reduces environmental impact on the worksite
    Our team is dedicated to leaving the areas we work in better condition than how we found them. We pride ourselves in a clean, minimally disruptive worksite, and take every effort to make our work blend with the surroundings and complement its nearby environments.

  7. Reduces environmental impact at the office
    We've taken great efforts to go digital, from our website and information distribution, to our Team Leader updates delivered from the field. We believe new technology is a vital part of furthering communications with our customers and with our teams on worksites.  


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Based in Decatur, Illinois, Dunn Company provides pavement and base solutions across Central Illinois and throughout the greater Midwest region.
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