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Cold In-Place Recycling reuses the pavement already in place through asphalt pulverization and heatless repurposing, which produces a rehabilitated, bituminous final pavement. Existing pavement materials are reused for the pavement resurface, resulting in a distress-free, rejuvenated and structurally sound final product. CIR is considered a green construction approach, and has environmental advantages that include eliminating old asphalt disposal, lowering energy and raw material consumption, and reducing overall transportation costs.


Cold In-Place Recycling is a proven method of pavement rehabilitation, used for diverse applications such as low-volume county roads and interstate highways. An overlay of hot mix asphalt is typically applied over CIR surfaces that anticipate high-traffic volumes, or when additional structural strength is required. CIR pavement can be surfaced with microsurface, cape seal or bituminous surface treatment.


Benefits of Cold In-Place Recycling (CIR)

  • Long-term pavement performance is improved with less maintenance
  • Controls reflective cracking
  • Work is performed with minimal traffic disruption
  • Cost effective
  • Conserves raw materials
  • Conserves energy
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions

The Cold In-Place Process Consists of:

  • Pulverizing the existing asphalt pavement
  • Adding a new asphalt binder material to the pulverized asphalt
  • Mixing the materials
  • Placing the newly mixed materials on the roadway
  • Compacting the new roadway

Types of Cold In-Place Recycling:

  • Asphalt emulsion (engineered or standard)
  • Foamed asphalt


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