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Dunn Company - The Journey from Coal to Asphalt

Dunn Company began as a side business in the summer months for a Decatur retail coal yard in the 1940s, but is now a leader in the paving, milling and stabilization business with nearly 100 employees.


Founded by David W. Beggs, Jr., who also owned Decatur Coal Mine, Dunn Company was one of 26 retail coal yards in Decatur at that time. The company was named in honor of Beggs’ wife, Melba, whose maiden name was Dunn.


Dunn employees worked in the coal business during the winter months, but continued with the company in the summer months when their jobs changed to paving work using cold mix asphalt. Both businesses used the same trucks and equipment, and the company was strategically positioned near a railroad, making it a prime location for delivery of materials.


In 1966, David W. Beggs, III ran into his old friend, Frank Tyrolt, in Chicago. Tyrolt was working as a pharmaceutical sales manager, but was intrigued by Beggs’ suggestion that he join him at Dunn as a partner and general manager. By that time, Dunn was one of only four coal yards left in the city, serving mostly residential customers.


The following year, Tyrolt recruited his former co-worker, Bernie Naber, who had worked for him in pharmaceutical sales, to join the company. Tragically, just two years after Tyrolt joined Dunn, Beggs died in a car accident in 1968.


That same year, Tyrolt, Inc. was formed with 12 employees and annual gross sales of $250,000. Tyrolt became President and CEO, owning 75 percent of the company, while Naber became Vice President and COO, owning 25 percent. Also that year, the company renovated a small asphalt plant and switched its business to hot mix asphalt.


As coal dealers slowly closed their doors, Dunn Company continued with its asphalt paving business. While asphalt paving took over as the primary business activity, Dunn Company continued to supply retail coal until 1999.


Since then, Dunn Company continues to grow and expand its market share, becoming a leader in asphalt paving, milling and stabilization operations in Central Illinois and beyond.



Notable events in Dunn Company History


2006—Purchases Asphalt Improvement Corporation (AIC), a pavement maintenance company which served the eastern half of Central Illinois.


2002—David Tyrolt becomes President and CEO. Bob Dunn, who joined the company in 1979, becomes Vice President and COO.


2001—Vice President and COO Bernie Naber retires.


1999—President and CEO Frank Tyrolt retires.


1994—David Tyrolt, Frank’s son, who had worked at the company throughout the years, joins the company full time.


1992—Dunn expands its services to include rotomilling. As a subcontractor for this specialized service, Dunn’s business grows rapidly in Illinois and other states.


1990—Dunn expands its services to include soil modification and stabilization.


1989—Purchases the road oiling operations and equipment from E.T. Allen & Sons in Illiopolis, Illinois.


1988—Purchases Lourash Construction, a road oiling, cold recycling and trucking company. Jim Schwarz, a partner in Lourash, joins Dunn Company as a Vice President.


1984-1987—Dunn operates a branch office in San Antonio, Texas, which specializes in asphalt sealing and repair, with eight employees.


1976—Qualifies to bid on State contract work, demonstrating the company’s experience in the industry and financial stability.


1975—After voting against unionizing in three elections, Dunn employees vote to unionize, giving the company an additional source of skilled workers and more opportunities for growth.

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Based in Decatur, Illinois, Dunn Company provides pavement and base solutions across Central Illinois and throughout the greater Midwest region.
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