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Dunn Company: Paving, Milling, Stabilization: Decatur, Illinois


Frequently Asked Questions

F.A.Q.: Rotomilling

Q. What can a rotomill be used for other than milling streets?
A. Rotomill machines are commonly used to excavate and grade areas without using additional equipment. Rotomills also are used to core out mainline pavement, gravel shoulders and golf cart paths.

Q. What does it take to complete a rotomilling project?
A. Typically, a rotomill uses one or two operators and needs 200-1,000 gallons of water every hour and a half. The crew also needs trucks to haul material away and traffic control.

Q. How deep can the rotomill cut in one pass?
A. Most of our fleet can cut up to 12 inches deep in one pass. 

Q. How fast can a rotomill load a truck?
A. Depending on size of the truck and the rotomill, most tandem trucks are loaded in 45 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the material being milled and the depth of the cut.

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